28 sept. 2015

Geanta unicat crosetata Sweet Pumpkin

These country style shoulder bags are made by hand-dyed hemp twine, crocheted and knotted in various colors.
Its slightly rough touch due to the characteristics of hemp twine gives it a special feeling of healthy and confidence resulting from being in touch with nature world is increasing nicely the contrast of gentile touch from the very feminine inside lining.
So is not just rock or hippie style in an elegant shape.


Method production:
macrame & crochet techniques.
Materials utilized:
The buttons and beads are made from fimo (Polymer Clay) and wood, the viscose or satin linings have one or two big inside pockets.
The twine is dyed with resistant to sunlight and washing textile paints.

Handle length: 68cm,
Dimensions: 37x25cm.

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Geantă croșetată si innodata manual prin tehnica macrame.
Geantă realizată din fir de cânepă  vopsit manual cu vopsele 
textile rezistente la spalare si la soare.
Nasture și mărgele din fimo si lemn.
Căptușeală din vascoza, cu un buzunar interior. 
Lungime toartă: 67cm, Dimensiuni geantă: 27x37cm.
Transporul este gratuit in România,
pentru comenzi mai mari de 100lei 
Pentru comenzi mai mici, transportul este 10lei. 
Se expediaza din Bran/Brasov.